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Low life(s) within rsbandb

 *Warning mass swearing below ;D*

I had something else to write but because I’ve now looked over this:

I have a more personal message for someone or some people within our community. This is not meant to start panic, this is not a reason to avoid clan chat but you should be smarter about what you say. I don’t know who it is so i’ll just call him/her “Bitch” from now on, as they are nothing but Jagexs bitch.
Dear Bitch,

You’re just a coward, hiding behind jagex and refusing to come out and admit who you are you’re  nothing but a back stabbing two faced low life shit. Nothing infuriates me more than some Cock sucking scumbag screwing around with people that aren’t fucking doing anything wrong, they AREN’T hurting anyone there just trying to have fun. What the FUCK have they done to you ya stupid shit faced cunt?

You come to events that people of this community work hard on, you hang around our boards that are payed for by the site owners, use our facilities and this is how you, whoever you are repay it? You deserve a fucking smack in the face and you’d be lucky if that’s where it ended. Probably what your bloody parents should of done long ago. Better yet they should of used protection and avoided creating such a pathetic waste of space.
You’re a low life faggot that with any luck will meet a very well deserved punishment in your real life, bitches like yourself can only asskiss and suck up so much before they come across someone that wont buy it, that wont like it and that WILL turn around and give you exactly what you deserve.

Now do everyone a favor and FUCK OFF you’re not wanted.

If the worst comes to worst i WILL abandon the rsbandb chat and open up my own, private one. I’m not looking to rebel against Mike or Shane or steal there members but I’m not interested in having my account banned so if i have to, i’ll open up a private chat where only rsbandb members that are trusted, long term ones are allowed in and if the reporting carries on, the chat room gets emptied and i start again, being twice as picky about who’s let in.

American football! Big girls rugby.

That’s right. That’s all it is. Big pansy’s in there Armour running about playing a dulled down version of Rugby.

Yet another failure of an American sport that doesn’t hold up with the rest of the world. Why? Because it’s for wimps, it’s for girls it’s for fags that don’t want to get roughed up a bit.

I saw my first American football game a week or so ago while in a Bar, it was being shown on there TV sets my opinion on it? Boring. What the hell is the big fascination? It seriously lasts about five seconds before they blow the whistle and start all over again.

That’s ALL it is. You start, two sides smash heads like a bunch of mentally retarded chimps, the ref blows on the whistle they repeat until, i presume there all brain dead and cannot carry on (i never caught the end, i fell asleep.) it’s just incredibly dull.

But my biggest issue. My complaint that I’ve had over the years is the fact they wear that body armour.

Now I’ve heard two excuses used the most when it comes to this:

1) It’s a lot more violent than rugby so they need it.

Lol, i actually brought this for awhile till i saw the game. And i can say now, that no, it isn’t.

Watch i’ll prove it:

Rugby. Take note of there clothes for a start, see how messed up they tend to be? Doesn’t look to easy to me. See the blood on a couple of those guys? That’s fairly common. SEE how even when they get slammed the ref doesn’t try to stop it, we don’t stop every 5 seconds cause the big babies got his shorts dirty.

HELL see what there doing at the start? That’s known as a war dance. They do that to psych out the other team, it’s supposed to scare them oh yes, we don’t have no pansy cheeleaders, we don’t need some blond headed moron prancing about shouting stupid shit to make them feel like men, they flex there muscles and scream taunts at the other team they WANT them pissed off and spooked. Cause they’ve got something American football players don’t have - Balls.

An american football game lasts 60 minutes. A rugby game lasts 80. Pussy’s can’t even last the long haul.

Now heres an American football version:

Yeah, i don’t see anymore violence going on in that one than there is for Rugby. The difference? Rugby lasts longer, and rugby players have no pussy armour protecting them.  Seriously look at them, they look fucking stupid with that big upper body armour on, take it the fuck off and play like a man you bunch of pussys.

American football has teams made up of 11 wimps in armour. Rugby has teams made up of 15. Pussy’s.

The second point i hear?

2) American football players are bigger so they need the protection.

What the fuck? Honestly if your playing against people bigger than you i could get it but there all big guys it wont make a fucking difference you idiot.

Not only that American football players really AREN’T that big. They just fucking look it due to those ridiculesly over protective top armour things they wear (i will keep calling it armour cause i cba to find out the real name) if you get the chance to check there twig arms that MOST of them have you’ll see there nothing but a wimp.

I could seriously go on and on about this, because it is such a pussy sport they wear that shit and for god knows what reason think there the big tough men, fuck that come try Rugby you’d be crying before the game ended.

But I’ll end with one question - Of all the body armour you American football players have to wear why on earth do you wear a cup? It’s clear you’ve got no dick, it’s clear you’ve got no balls.

Still not convinced about rugby? Then allow me to push it over the edge, theres two types of rugby. The one in the video is the better known one. Theres another version where the rules are A LOT more slack, it’s a lot more rough and because of that, the safer option has become the standard.

I can think of no  better way to describe American football than claiming there nothing but a bunch of big hairy Dykes running about wishing they was men. You know the type i mean, there’s always a dominate one in a gay relationship, there’s always the one that takes on the role of the man and is all big and butch. Yeah, that’s American football summed up.

Why the movie industry needs to die

Ok maybe die is a bit harsh. Actually no it’s not. I hope it crashes and burns.

This all spawned from this topic:

I fucking hate the up themselves actors that sit about thinking there something special cause they can throw out a few piss poor films. I HATE the bloody up themselves directors that seem to think there gods gift.

Movies for ages now have been shit. I’ve not stepped foot in a cinema all year and whenever I’ve seen a film, i might of liked it, i might not i still find myself thinking “thank god i didn’t pay for that” know why? Cause it’s what £5-£8 for a ticket? Fucking IDIOTIC prices for drink and food, so it’s coming at over £10 just to see some average (and sorry, they’ve all be fairly average.) 2 hour film.

I can buy the bloody DVD for CHEAPER than that. I can pay £40 and get over 150 hours worth of entertainment from TES Oblivion which has a very well put together story that to be frank rivals most of the shitfest they throw out in Hollywood these days AND to top it off I CAN PLAY IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN and never get the same bloody experience.  £40 will get me into seeing some film roughly 3 times and I’ve yet to ever want to see a film twice in the cinema. I own a total of like 3 DVD’s and i never brought one.

Video games? I really don’t know, i have bloody loads.

Hollywood and films in general suck, i admit you get a few Gems once in awhile but it’s mostly crap. Hollywood and the movie industry needs to die. Everyone in it needs to just get out, do something else.

And maybe, one day, someone will come along, with new, original ideas and create a film that can kick start it and make it into something fresh, original and worth while.

Hopefully this new Jesus of the movie world will forget to bring back Romantic comedy’s because you can only see so many before they just aren’t funny, and they never was all that funny in the first place.

Till then, I’ll stick with Video games, there an interactive book, a film where you’re the main star and not some pompous twat who’s getting payed to much. Hell hopefully Halo 3 is the start of a new er, hopefully games start to really dent Hollywood maybe then cinemas will start charging reasonable prices, i don’t think i should be paying over £3-4 for a seat.

Maybe food and drinks will come in reasonable. MAYBE we’ll get some decent fresh directors in who actually have new ideas cause all i see in films now a days is trash that’s been done before.

Smack Talk

So last night i was busy minding my own business, me and some friends was playing Halo 3. Team slayerr if you wanted to know.

We actually lost the game by one single kill. 49-50 but that doesn’t matter, what happened next is what matters.

When a game of Halo begins the two teams are made, neither side can hear each other and it stays like that throughout the game. It’s only at the end, when you go back to the lobby that you can communicate. So I’d not spoken to the other team all match, not done a thing but play the game.

So, after LOSING i was slightly shocked to be greeted with something along the lines of:



And erm yeah, it carried on like that. XD I’m not exaggerating it, this kid was EXTREMELY pissed off. He had barley any kills and when i checked out my stats he was my most killed. So i can only presume, he was acting this way because i kept killing him.

Now I’ve heard the halo community is bad but I’ve never, ever come across anyone who I’d consider any worse than the rest of XBL. But this kid did it, myself and my friends was speechless. Honestly i just started to laugh because i had nothing to say, what exactly could i say?

I do NOT understand what goes through peoples heads. Sure i get wound up with it sometimes, sure i might swear under my breath - to myself but I have never started talking shit to the other team because they was better players than me. Whats the point it’s just a game right?

Is it because it’s only they think they look less of a retard or are they just trying to be the big man?

What do you guys think? Do you smack talk? Do you act like that, ever experienced that?