Why the movie industry needs to die

Ok maybe die is a bit harsh. Actually no it’s not. I hope it crashes and burns.

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I fucking hate the up themselves actors that sit about thinking there something special cause they can throw out a few piss poor films. I HATE the bloody up themselves directors that seem to think there gods gift.

Movies for ages now have been shit. I’ve not stepped foot in a cinema all year and whenever I’ve seen a film, i might of liked it, i might not i still find myself thinking “thank god i didn’t pay for that” know why? Cause it’s what £5-£8 for a ticket? Fucking IDIOTIC prices for drink and food, so it’s coming at over £10 just to see some average (and sorry, they’ve all be fairly average.) 2 hour film.

I can buy the bloody DVD for CHEAPER than that. I can pay £40 and get over 150 hours worth of entertainment from TES Oblivion which has a very well put together story that to be frank rivals most of the shitfest they throw out in Hollywood these days AND to top it off I CAN PLAY IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN and never get the same bloody experience.  £40 will get me into seeing some film roughly 3 times and I’ve yet to ever want to see a film twice in the cinema. I own a total of like 3 DVD’s and i never brought one.

Video games? I really don’t know, i have bloody loads.

Hollywood and films in general suck, i admit you get a few Gems once in awhile but it’s mostly crap. Hollywood and the movie industry needs to die. Everyone in it needs to just get out, do something else.

And maybe, one day, someone will come along, with new, original ideas and create a film that can kick start it and make it into something fresh, original and worth while.

Hopefully this new Jesus of the movie world will forget to bring back Romantic comedy’s because you can only see so many before they just aren’t funny, and they never was all that funny in the first place.

Till then, I’ll stick with Video games, there an interactive book, a film where you’re the main star and not some pompous twat who’s getting payed to much. Hell hopefully Halo 3 is the start of a new er, hopefully games start to really dent Hollywood maybe then cinemas will start charging reasonable prices, i don’t think i should be paying over £3-4 for a seat.

Maybe food and drinks will come in reasonable. MAYBE we’ll get some decent fresh directors in who actually have new ideas cause all i see in films now a days is trash that’s been done before.


  1. Anubis
    October 16th, 2007 | 6:12 pm

    All the second rate directors atm are just staying in the mainstream, they’re afraid to do soemthing new and exciting - which is why their movies are boring, crap and get low ratings.

  2. Anubis
    October 17th, 2007 | 11:34 am

    Oh, in addition. I find that because games are generally aimed at a larger audience than films, sequels are likely to attract a lot more people. Seeing as Halo has had an incredibly large fanbase since it’s original came out a few years ago and it’s only gotten larger since, I think it would be ridiculous to see a Ben Stiller film out-do it. XD

  3. MQ
    October 17th, 2007 | 5:31 pm

    I think people can most effectively voice their opinion by not purchasing tickets to see these films. It’s only natural for large corporations to blame other people for their shortcomings.

    In other words, HEAD TO THE PIRATE BAY. ARGGGG.

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