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I’m boycotting the sandbox

In the hopes that anyone half intelligent does the same. I don’t expect many to realize what it was originally for, what it became and how/why it was ruined but it’s now a ground for retards and morons.

I was thinking about it all as i was browsing the topics in there, 90% of posts being stupid, none of them funny, none of them amusing, none of them remotely interesting.
It was trash, it was the shit you get through the mail, it was that annoying sales rep on the phone.

It’s pointless, it’s not something i enjoy or like, in fact it makes me view a lot of people as, sorry for my choice of words but fucking idiots sums it up rather well. I’m sure it gives off the same image of me as well at times. That’s only further proof that it is just a breeding ground for stupidity.

I’d rather have half intelligent discussions, make topics that have the potential of discussion even if they might get ignored because people are to busy writing bollocks back and forth. I’d like to demand it gets removed but of course, I’d hate to see people go, I mean just look at the last time we tweaked it we lost ult mac dady, what a pity.

So that’s that, I wont post in there again. I will of course browse, i have no choice it’s apart of my job. But beyond that I’d rather not post, i can think of 101 different things to be doing, like watching paint dry. I’d probably get a more interesting discussion out of it as well.

It’s a burden on Rsbandb and not one that i will be adding to anymore. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels it’s a crap hole and I’m sure some people already avoid posting in there, good for you for seeing it for what it is first. Anyone that feels the same, i do encourage you to follow suit.

Ciao sandbox  i shall remember your early days well. :]

p.s I’m aware i just called most people fucking idiots, I only meant posting in there brings across that image so you can sleep easy now, no worries.

For Mike

The blog is alive. I’m alive. Runescape is boring. Ninja gaiden 2 is good. I just brushed my teeth. My shiny teeth and me. I’m going back to bed.