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Gold farmers got around Fagex already

Past couple of days I’ve been arguing with people about the recent updates to RuneScape.

They can’t seem to understand while jagex might be doing this for our “best interest” it’s all useless because it wont stop it. Days I’ve been arguing and it’s now time to gloat:

“Merry Christmas!

Due to a very large amount of orders around this time, we temporarily are not accepting new orders.

We are nearly finished catching up on orders and all current customers will still receive their orders promptly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Last year on Christmas we has a huge drop party, but due to recent changes to how parties work in the game it doesn’t support private parties.

Additionally, due to new updates within the game we will need to earn the gold on your account for you - although it will be the same or similar price.

The great news is that because of the new market system it is very easy to buy items and we’ll be able to lower the price on every single item in the game as we normally charged a higher price because of the time it took to get it. Expect item prices to be exactly the same as their gold value, so you can really make a great shopping list with lower prices.

We’ll certainly try to think of some ideas on what we should do together for Christmas and welcome your ideas!”

Awesome! Update isn’t even fully out and oh look a fix.


Nice work there jagex, screw up the game and before the update is even fully out BANG they’ve got a way around it already.

All this trouble, all this crap and they’ve got a way around it already. I bloody said they would, i KNEW they would and oh look they have.

Jagex has now made it EASIER and better for gold farmers, not only that they’ve now opened up a new opportunity - power leveling accounts.

So now these guys aren’t just screwing economy there now stepping on MY bloody toes and ruining skills, or will be very soon.

Nice one, great. Fan-fucking-tastic.

To everyone that argued for jagex, perhaps now you see just why there bloody stupid. For anyone going LOL NO 1 GUNA GIVE OVER THERE ACCOUNT don’t be so stupid. These sites are so professional about it all, people are and will give over accounts.

Nice work Jagex, prepare for thousands more 99 skillers to pop up cause i guarantee mass power leveling is coming.

For anyone going LOL DEY BAN ON DIFFRNT IP, whatever, we all know that’s rubbish. Anyone who’s let someone else on there account knows it’s rubbish. anyone who sees those autoers, in the bloody hundreds cutting away and there so FUCKING OBVIOUSLY autoers that sit there for a week know how bloody useless jagex are at this.

So yeah, runescape is doomed, that’s my prediction. Enjoy it while it lasts guys, 2008 is the end if you ask me.

Watch this spot.