Call Of Duty 4


Don’t read below if you care about the story.

Ok, firstly i want to make this completely clear: I fucking hate war games.

You wont find no COD, Battlefeild, medal of honour none of that crap in my collection. Cause i bloody despise most war games. ESPECIALLY WORLD WAR 2, STOP MAKING THESE GAMES THERE OVER DONE.

I hate how it’s almost always bloody Americans and how Americans do it all and get all the glory. I bloody hate how no one half important seems to die in these games. I bloody hate how it makes war seem like such a jolly old time where you go in, fuck everyone up and walk out skipping looking like you’ve just spent a month in some beauty spare over at war.

I BLOODY HATE how developers play it safe and it’s always the same crap spewed out.

With that a side and out the way, i figured I’d hate Call of Duty 4 however i was going to give it a chance because it stood out massively from all these other war games that plague the game industry and I’m very glad i did.

The story is fictional but, when you stop and think about it what happens in the game is actually very possible. That’s what makes it great. What happens isn’t unbelievable, in the world we’re living in with terrorism and such it’s a lot closer to reality than most games.

One gripe i do have is they make the Russians out to be the bad guys, I mean ok i get it but that’s slightly over done now. Anyways add in a Fictional but possible story with realistic modern day weapons, awesome characters and you have a winner.

The campaign rivals Halo 3, the multiplayer Rivals halo3 and i can’t make a judgment on which is better, nor do i really want to. The thing that makes COD4 great is it does what nothing else has done. Not only that, IW aren’t scared of showing war for what it is, you don’t walk away happily ever after.

At one point you’ve invaded a city to capture a guy and you discover a nuclear bomb within the city, all forces are called to pull out and as you’re leaving a chopper gets shot down so you and the rest of your team land to help the survivors escape. After shooting your way over there and finding only the pilot alive you run back to the chopper and take off in a typical war game you’d make it out and be a hero.

Not in COD4. As you’re flying to safety the bomb goes off, the chopper crashes and you wake up to this waste land, having control of your character again you literally stumble out of the chopper, you can see the mushroom cloud in the background, dust is blowing everywhere and every things destroyed. Your entire team, the pilot the other pilot you rescued - everyone has died and you’re left stumbling away from this wreckage, a building falls in the background and as you stumbled away you drop to your knees and die too.

Pleasant eh? Doesn’t matter, there only Americans. I’M JOKING I’M JOKING.

Well I’m not, they was Americans and you take control of the SAS from that point.

But it’s things like that which happen throughout Call of Duty. It shows what a full out war between super powers could result to. Not only that but it presents full out battles well. Now I can’t claim I’ve been in the middle of a warzone but Jets flying over head dropping bombs in enemy forces ahead of you, bullets flying all over, grenades going back and forth it’s chaotic, it’s hard and it involves a lot of strategy.

Something in COD4 that i didn’t like to begin with is the spawning. The majority of enemy’s respawn, you can’t kill everyone in the area and move on. They’ll keep respawning till you push forward. I hated this at first, i thought it was a stupid idea. But I’ve grown to appreciate it.

In a real war, you don’t shoot 20 people and OH I’VE WON THE FIGHT! It doesn’t work like that. In a real war you’re against thousands and the only way to gain ground is to push them back. And that’s the only way in COD4. Push the enemy’s back till they can’t respawn anymore. It makes things hard, it makes things frustrating as hell at times. But it’s a lot more exciting.

I do think the level of difficulty is odd, it’s easy as hell sometimes and impossibly hard at other times. At one point you’re asked to wait for a chopper to pick you and your partner up. Your partners leg is wounded so you have to put him down in a spot so he can snipe.

Now, all you have on you is a sniper and a secondary gun yourself. It’s two of you against an army. I’m not joking, you’re out in what looks like an abandoned carnival there’s little cover. The enemys come from the front, both sides and even above. Not only that you have guard dogs that, no joke kill you if you can’t react fast enough in one blow.

Even if you DO find a good spot, the computer is so grenade happy it’ll blow you to hell 100 times over before it gives up on you. Combine this with easy death and i mean very easy and you’ve got a very frustrating time.

The multiplayer is godly, there’s a lot of Dicks online but for the most part it’s godly.

What more is there to say? Go buy it.


  1. May 11th, 2008 | 1:42 pm

    War is hell, but unless you experience it, there’s no way you can ever know if this statement is truth or hypercrap. If war is anything like what is experienced in Call of Duty 4: Modern then war is worse than hell. The long-awaited COD4, the true IW follow-up to the excellent Call of Duty 2,is a jarring, intense, and gripping take on war in the new millennia. The enemies are smarter, the weapons are deadlier, and there are far too many grenades and RPGs. COD4 will shake loose your fillings and have you begging for more. I did!
    Thanks for sharing

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