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Dear Blizzard

I like world of warcraft. I like your game. I like the magical little world you’ve created and i enjoy it.

I do, however have one complaint. I am sick to fucking death of being gang raped by your overly aggressive NPC characters. I’m tired of walking from A-B and having a sodding bear attack me and when i try to ignore it cause it’s not of any threat, i get stunned and start walking extra slow, i get two extra monsters leap on and the raping begins.

For the love of god make it so there unaggressive or something, it is damn annoying. I do not wish it murder an entire forest of monsters to get to my quest, it’s dull and it wastes my time when I’m just trying to do my quest. You’ve put an overwhelming amount of aggressive NPC in the area and frankly it is bloody annoying having to walk back from the dead. Please fix or go die. :D