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Yes this is a very self centered post, my blog, i can be. This is why it’s best not to be on my MSN (best not to know me irl as well for that matter), poor Shane is away so he gets all this when he comes back. I get bored at times:

Session Start: 04 July 2008

  • (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)”I look forward to your report Mr Broccoli” rotfl (noemailforyoulol@shutup.com)
  • Shane027470 (noemailforyoulol@shutup.co)
(18:31) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: good GOD me and lily make an awesome team
(18:32) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: soi go in the bathroom to graba shower, i notice something..evil..shocking..something so bad, so scary that i almost turned and ran..well i did actually..like 3 times
(18:32) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: but the point is
(18:32) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: there was the biggest mther fucking wasp i have seen in my life, it was honest to god, hand on my cute heart the size of two wasps
(18:33) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so i go and get a newspaper to splat it, come back up, slowly open up the door, you know to makes sure it doesn’t fly at me and it was still there..on the window..trying to get out..so i wrapped up the newspaper, i got ready to pounce..IT TURNED AND LOOKED AT ME AND I SLAPPED THAT DOOR SO HARD THE PEOPLE DOWN THE STREET HEARD IT
(18:33) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: then ran as fast as i could down the stairs just incase it got out
(18:34) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: then i remembered something terrible, killing a wasp attracts other wasps - FUCK attracting his bigger brother so i got a cup and some card, i’d trap it!
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: i sneaked open the door again hes still there on the window, mocking me
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: i take a step in
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: ..then run away, i got a horrible thought, you know what if the card slipped
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: it’d be out, and it’d be after my blood
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: fuck that, i can’t handle this on my own
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so i go downstairs and i recruit lily
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: “if we can’t stand together, we will fall, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG APART WE ARE WEAK! ARE YOU WITH ME?” was my exact words, yes i do talk to my dog..a lot..shut up
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so it looks at me and you know, i take that as a yes
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: and we march up the stairs, side by side
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: i stand at the door
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: preparing for battle
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: lily…takes..a nap..
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I:
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: shut up
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so this time i have a better plan, a tactical plan
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: lily and i are going to opent he window and let it escape
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so i kick lily, she gets ready, iopen the door and stand there waiting for this wasp to crawl off the window so i can open it without it getting to pissed
(18:38) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: it finally crawls off, i creep up, slowly i reach out IT BUZZES, i stumble back, lily darts out to the door
(18:38) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: the wasp watching me, me watching the wasp, lily watching me
(18:39) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: it all goes silent, i try again, i pull the lever, push the window, turn and RUN i can hear the buzzing behind me, i slam the door and hear THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP lily is darting down the stairs and skids at the bottom, i yell coward and charge down after her as fast as i can rotfl i think she suddenly realized what a yellow belly she was cause she turned and darted back up to check on me
(18:40) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: mission accomplished, i can take my shower and lily cna go back to sleeping
(18:40) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: …except now i have no fucking idea if that wasp has left the bathroom or if it’s buzzing around in there, very pissed off at having been disturbed…so uh..i’m typing to you cause i’m to scared to go in there :$:$




  1. Keaton
    July 6th, 2008 | 3:33 am

    Make more of these, mk?

  2. MQ
    July 6th, 2008 | 1:37 pm


  3. Rune Beast
    July 6th, 2008 | 8:26 pm

    I lol’d.

  4. Jay
    July 13th, 2008 | 11:16 am

    I fucking hate wasps, that made me cringe XD

  5. July 17th, 2008 | 5:19 am

    Do more of these, they’re funny. Rofl.

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