My dealings with Microsoft

So as some may or may not know yesterday (22nd) my xbox 360 died on me.

I’ve decided I’m going to write about it in this blog and put microsofts customer service to the test to see just how well they handle things.

So earlier today i phoned up their helpline as instructed on the back of the 360 manual. After going through a robot who demanded i press buttons i then got put on hold, music would cut in and out randomly, an Indian robot (no joke they actually had a robot asking me to press buttons with an Indian accent - what the hell?) I FINALLY get told I’m in a line and waiting for someone to assist me, this is after a good 10 minutes waiting.

Another five or so waiting and suddenly something happens, I HEAR A VOICE! YAY!



“The line has been ended.”

Er what? Phone goes dead and I’m left sitting here wondering just why i wasted my time. Indian robots that are hard to understand, customer service reps that hang up on you and I’ve still got no where.

So i went to, checked out the support and had to laugh when i saw they had a button up to “register your console for repair”. XD That bad is it?

This will be updated as time goes on, we’ll see how long it takes them to get it back to me.

Update: I finally got around to calling for it and guess what? I phone them today they say they’ll be here TOMORROW to pick it up. Woah less than a days notice and there coming to get it. :P So far so good.


  1. Ryan
    January 24th, 2008 | 10:45 am

    My Xbox got the red ring on the same day as you.
    Coincidence or what?

  2. Steffin
    January 24th, 2008 | 3:42 pm

    Rofl, I know. The Indian robot is a noob.

    And is it me or are all the phone reps Arabian?

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