The media needs to be policed

So i was talking with Mike and Shane last night and they mentioned Prince Harry was out in Afghanistan fighting the war on the front line. I shrugged this off, claimed He’d be sitting in the middle of an English army base perfectly safe with his feet up.

I admit i blabbered a bit with that, I’d not actually heard he was out there myself the last i checked he was being kept here because it was to dangerous. And now i know why.

The secret services went into talks with major news channels, newspapers, everything and made a deal, they didn’t report Harry out in Afghanistan and in exchange when he comes back from doing his time they get photos and things.

All good huh? He stays as safe as he can be and more importantly the people serving with him aren’t at a larger risk being around him.

This would be the case but it appears our “allies”  have no respect for our country, no concern for our troops or a future King of not just our country but several others. Because they happily printed he was out there, happily put our troops at risk and happily put him at risk for wanting to fight for his country. I don’t like him very much but that’s a very admirable thing to do and these money hungry, jackass idiots went ahead and published there story.

They might as well have highered a hit man and ordered his death, if anything had happened then blood would be on their hands. Full stop.

What angers me is did they not learn when Diana died? That reportedly was caused due to Press and here they are making the same stupid fucking mistakes all over again. Admittedly i don’t believe they was in on the agreement that had been set up but that’s not an excuse to print it it’s not hard to realize what would happen if it was printed.

I know people have rights and i know the press has a right to print the truth but in cases where it puts people at risk, where it causes danger they should be held responsible for it, they should face jail for even printing it.  Isn’t acceptable.


  1. March 5th, 2008 | 11:41 am

    That’s because the media is a bunch of retards… I mean even here they aren’t liked…I wonder if there will be a war on the press soon?

  2. MQ
    March 27th, 2008 | 12:34 am

    Well, the media never learns. It’s a constant parade of playing on fears, trends, etc. I’m not sure policing it would do much good though.


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