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My dealings with Microsoft

So as some may or may not know yesterday (22nd) my xbox 360 died on me.

I’ve decided I’m going to write about it in this blog and put microsofts customer service to the test to see just how well they handle things.

So earlier today i phoned up their helpline as instructed on the back of the 360 manual. After going through a robot who demanded i press buttons i then got put on hold, music would cut in and out randomly, an Indian robot (no joke they actually had a robot asking me to press buttons with an Indian accent - what the hell?) I FINALLY get told I’m in a line and waiting for someone to assist me, this is after a good 10 minutes waiting.

Another five or so waiting and suddenly something happens, I HEAR A VOICE! YAY!



“The line has been ended.”

Er what? Phone goes dead and I’m left sitting here wondering just why i wasted my time. Indian robots that are hard to understand, customer service reps that hang up on you and I’ve still got no where.

So i went to, checked out the support and had to laugh when i saw they had a button up to “register your console for repair”. XD That bad is it?

This will be updated as time goes on, we’ll see how long it takes them to get it back to me.

Update: I finally got around to calling for it and guess what? I phone them today they say they’ll be here TOMORROW to pick it up. Woah less than a days notice and there coming to get it. :P So far so good.

Thoughts on summoning

Soo it’s been out..well, a good 10+ hours now and i sorta sit here scratching my head writing this.

To say the least this skill is weird. It’s possibly the strangest way of training a skill in RS.

Let me try to’s a money sink, quiet a bad one. But spending all that money, unlike other skills does not get you a huge exp just doesn’t. You pay out a fortune but it’s STILL as slow as dare i say it, runecrafting.

That’s a bit of an odd ball, jagex has always given people a cheap route and a fast route, usually by spending your money.

And i really can’t decide where they was going with this skill. It seems to be all over the place. Look at the exp from the monsters, one minute you get 100+ exp the next, at a HIGHER level it drops down below 50. o.0 How on earth does that make sense?

Another rather confusing thing is the fact my monsters, some of them can carry items. But the bloody CRAZY thing is..i can’t take the monsters into the bank and in Faladors case, i couldn’t take my monster anywhere near the bank.

Let me try to explain further, i thought i’d be clever and summon up a snail to hold 1 item, so i can create 1 extra pouch. Now i figured it can’t sliver through the hole in the wall so i walked over to the teleport spot and summoned it up, gave it a snail to hold and attempted to go to the bank..oh hold on, it wont let me.

That i found odd but i didn’t give it much thought at the time and turned around to leave..only to find i can’t actually get out of falador until i unsummon the monster. What the hell?  I literally summoned it RIGHT BY THE EXIT but it wont let me leave. WHY NOT?

But anyway, i give it more thought and wonder to myself..if these monsters can carry items..just how the hell am i supposed to get the items from them to the bank? Or from the bank to them even? I can only see myself using these as a way to store extra stuff and then me heading back to the bank to replace it with more so i gain more exp..but i can’t go back to banks.

Who the hell thought this skill up? I am just puzzled by A LOT of it. The affects the summoned monsters give are rather lame to say the least, there’s a few that look interesting but for the most part there crap.  Sorry but there mostly combat based and they are honestly not that big of an impact.

Carrying on with the confusion, these summoned monsters that come up to help fight or whatever, cannot help in a single zone area. I suppose that could be seen as fine by some but i found it strange, i get single zone it was made for the most part to stop people stealing your kills but it’s a summoned monster, it’s got a link to you so why can’t it help?

WEIRDER is the fact you get no exp for it fighting for you, i don’t know if this counts for slayer as well but i presume it does.  So what the hell is the point in it fighting for you? Who kills monsters for fun anyway? We do it for the exp mostly. o.0

I just do not understand this skill, they claim to have been working on it for years but i honestly think they was smoking something because all of it is rather strangely put together, it doesn’t make much sense and well, it serves little purpose from first glance.

Don’t get me wrong, i strangely like it, once you get the hang of it. But i do not for one moment see how it will be of any help to me, i do not for a moment understand just -WHAT- there goal was with this skill or what they was thinking when making it.

I gotta admit I’m slightly pissed though that it is yet anther money sink. Their reasoning for not giving us high level quests or high level armour is because it only appeals to a small amount. And i suppose releasing an ENTIRE BLOODY SKILL that only the richest of the rich could afford to throw money at it without thinking twice is ok though?  I can’t help but get the feeling this skill was dumped in the game purly as a way of draining money out of the game and that, once again is Jagex putting other shit before customer satisfaction.

We’ve got enough money sinks jagex, I’m all for a tough skill but you don’t need to make me pay MINIMUM 200mill to get level 99 in the thing.

p.s fix herblore you stupid retards.

Just a few observations around RS

WELL 2 days on since Jagex ruined there game. Several weeks now since they made huge, drastic and unneeded changes - Lets see if there’s any noticeable changes shall we?

Now not to be rude or big headed but a lot of people on Rsbandb (the main people that view this blog anyway) aren’t high levels, they aren’t especially good at the game and in fact there’s around 7-8 people that are above me.

So I’m sure most of you can shrug this off, not care and ignore it. Cause you’re the low level, it doesn’t matter to you. The dedicated player the one that sticks with the game long term and becomes good at it, well, we get punished and we suffer.

So, the changes?

Herbs are now costing more than what potions sell for. Add on vials, secondary ingredients and herblore isn’t profitable, it certainly isn’t worth training anymore unless you just want the skill total, in which case you better hope you’re stinking rich.

Just an example, Super defense potions, they require a rare herb and used to sell for 1.5-2.5k and now? 550gp and dropping. The herb? 800 odd gp and rising.

Cost of dragonhide is on the up.

It’s now more profitable to mine pure essence than it is to actually craft nature runes. Pure essence is becoming harder to find.

Rune items are falling rapidly, rune plates are now 45.5k and smithing isn’t profitable.

Do da do do. Way to ruin the game jagex. It’s only going to get worse. I’m doing something else soon, i write to much about rs here but i suppose that’s to be expected, i refuse to write much about my real life, simply because i don’t believe anyone gives a damn and i feel the same way when i see someone else’s blog, i find myself asking why they think anyone cares. But hey! I shall get more variety in here. ;D