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Halo 3

Yeahh amazed i didn’t write about this sooner? :O

This wont be an essay. I honestly don’t need to write one.

I will say this is going to contain massive spoilers and so will the comments i expect, so go away if you don’t want it ruined.

Halo for me lived up to expectations and MY personal hype. It’s a series I’ve played from start to end and anyone who played the original should look back and see what it’s become. It’s amazing just how it’s evolved.

It’s gone from gorilla warfare against Elites to a complex story involving prophets, elites, flood, brutes, forerunners, humans all waging war, forming alliances and fighting for a struggle over the universe.

Sound dorky? Duh, damn right it is.

It’s a fitting finish to the series and the ending:

I’ve seen get bashed by a lot of people. I don’t see why, seeing the Chief and arbitor working together that nod of respect towards each other was a great moment, if you ask me.

Seeing the “117″ scratched onto the memorial stone was a fantastic touch too, although i don’t think they should have revealed the chief was still alive. But i suppose if they didn’t do that they couldn’t reveal the planet that the Chief was slowly drifting towards.

My guess is it’s a forerunner homeworld and there’s going to be some shocking new story to uncover there, i just hope it doesn’t involve the flood. I hope there long gone.

Thanks Bungie for making such a fantastic series, you did your community well and it’s clear you put your all into it.

Really hope i can see a Halo 4 on the 360, although i somehow doubt it’s going to happen. Said it was going to be short eh? I don’t need to put anything else if you played H1/2 then you need H3. It’s come along way. Go get it.

99 woodcut!

99 wc
99 wc!
99 wc

Thanks to everyone that made the effort to come and cheer us along. Really is appreciated and shows just why this site, while it may be small is still leaps and bounds ahead of any other fansite community wise.

When Shane first mentioned he was getting 99 farming he jokingly suggested we throw a party as an event, well, without that suggestion i doubt very much I’d have suggested i get 99 wc the same day and i doubt I’d have made the push to get it. So my thanks also must go to Shane for inspiring me to push myself over the last week. :P
Nice work to the events crew for making the effort with the events this weekend too. And again, thanks to everyone that showed up i never planned on having a party..this was just to good an opportunity to miss and well, we wanted to involve the community with it all. Afterall, we’re more like a close family than anything else.

Been awhile since i wrote a big massive essay that no ones ever going to read but Halo 3 should be coming tomorrow/wed so expect a huge massivee post on my thoughts about that soon. :P

To level 99 fletchers

Before that he had asked “don’t you have any 99 skill capes?” and then went on to tell me how “omg everyone your level does”.

Now then. I am sick to the teeth of stupid low leveled 99 fletchers. Fuck off, you aren’t special.

It’s the most common cape, it’s the easiest to bag next to cooking it looks crap, the animation is crap. Oh and having it? Proves nothing other than the fact you can buy yew logs. Nice.

Get off your fucking high horse, get a real skill cape, one that doesn’t take a week to achieve and stop parading about like your a god or something. You’ve not mastered RS, you’re not even good at it. Congratulations a game that involves clicking a single mouse button and you fucking fail at it.

Piss off.

p.s if you have 99 fletching and don’t do any of the above,then presume I’m not talking about you, however the majority are just like i described.

Dear stupid parents

Hello children. :)
TODAY i am going to moan about parents, mostly American mothers (probably fat too) who can’t seem to take responsibility for there own children, in fact they probably can’t take responsibility for themselves either.

So recently there’s been a bit of an uproar on Nintendo’s new “Wii zapper”  Shown here:

o no'es a gun

What is the problem? Well, apparently they think it’s wrong of Nintendo for teaching there children how to use a gun.

Now, tell me I’m wrong but that’s about as thick as claiming Microsoft’s flight simulator was behind 9/11 (oh wait, they’ve done that already).

So what was they saying? Well i’ll show you and critisize along the way:

Great, this is what we need, Children with guns learning how to aim and shoot.”

Excuse me? Look, it’s not a gun. Shut up. It doesn’t look like a gun. It doesn’t fire like a gun. It doesn’t reload (hell it doesn’t reload at all you moron) like a gun.

More to the point. You make it sound like they’ve packed it up and sent it to you. Guess what you moron? You don’t NEED to buy it. There your fucking kids, there not shoving it down your throat you bloody decide if you want your kids “shooting a real gun” or not.

Then we can sit back and wonder what is happening to our country with kids killing kids.”

You don’t already? It is happening you fucking asshat, watch the news if it hits the news in the UK it’ll hit it in your country. They ARE doing it already and it’s not down to a bloody toy gun that’s not even on sale yet. Stop shifting the fucking blame, if your kid goes out shooting people then you was a shit parent, you didn’t do your job properly and you should, you know what, fuck it. If you’re fucking thick enough to blame your problems and shift YOUR responsibility’s over to a company or something instead of insuring YOU’RE in control and YOU are responsible then don’t have fucking children.

Do the world a bloody favor there’s enough retards in the world as it is.

“What’s next? Could we make it squirt blood, too?” 

Oh, that’s funny. Really. There again i have to wonder if it was a joke, considering you think the wii zapper looks like a real gun, you probably think real guns sqirt blood don’t you? Dumbass.

“Why don’t they enclose an application to the NRA (National Rifle Association) in every box as well? The marketing person who came up with this brain child of an idea should be fired,”

You should have your tubes cut and your children should be given away. Again. No One Is Forcing You To Buy It.

This one is the best:

“I think it’s irresponsible for Wii to come out with a controller that looks like a gun. What kind of message are we sending as parents when we buy these things for our kids?”

What the hell? Seriously what the fuck? Am i reading this wrong?

Shouldn’t she have said “What sort of message WOULD WE BE SENDING AS PARENTS IF WE BROUGHT THIS FOR OUR KIDS?” Instead she says WHEN?

That actually made me laugh, shes against it but shes already practically brought it by the sounds of it. It’s incredible. AMAZING how thick people are.

Bottom line is, take damn responsibility for your kids and stop crying over stupid shit, toy guns have been around for years and guess what? Guns in games have been about for years to:

Quick, Burn the arcades down!!

Scientists merge animals!

Holy fucking SHIT.