Dear Blizzard

I like world of warcraft. I like your game. I like the magical little world you’ve created and i enjoy it.

I do, however have one complaint. I am sick to fucking death of being gang raped by your overly aggressive NPC characters. I’m tired of walking from A-B and having a sodding bear attack me and when i try to ignore it cause it’s not of any threat, i get stunned and start walking extra slow, i get two extra monsters leap on and the raping begins.

For the love of god make it so there unaggressive or something, it is damn annoying. I do not wish it murder an entire forest of monsters to get to my quest, it’s dull and it wastes my time when I’m just trying to do my quest. You’ve put an overwhelming amount of aggressive NPC in the area and frankly it is bloody annoying having to walk back from the dead. Please fix or go die. :D

Team BandB

The idea of a team of XBL users from Rsbandb playing on a regular basis, competing against other teams and the likes has been thrown around as an idea in the past by various people but it’s never really come to anything.

I’d actually like to spark that idea up again after last night’s rsbandb event, I was thinking it’d be nice if we could have them more often but the EC doesn’t have room in it’s schedule to host these things weekly, we have a system that works well in place and it’s no good tampering with that.

But if we could get together a team that’s separate we could hold them weekly, throw in some matches against other teams, play various games, if you need someone to play co-op with and stuff or someone you just want to play with in the week you can ask, I know I’d be up for it. It’s open to suggestions really,I doubt it’d be an official rsbandb thing, more than likely unofficial but the idea would work.

What do people think? Is it worth going through the effort of setting it up?

Continuing the sandbox moan

OH I bet you thought i was done. Well i refuse to be done. One of the biggest complaints about why people still use this shitty sub forum is because the other areas are dead and your topics don’t get any replies.


I’ve pretty much dominated that forum and every topic except my most recent has got replies. A few where slow, granted. Not all topics are winners but most do well. Two topics in off topic both getting more and more posts.

This is a crappy excuse, this is what I’ve done solo. Now imagine if you all stopped posting in that fucking shithole and actually posted outside of it. Put your topics where their SUPPOSED to be. The topics woud get more replies cause more are checking them, you’d get more variety and most importantly you’d not be getting some tard come in going LOLZZZZZZZZZ OMMMMMMMGGGGGGG or bumping your thread down with garbage.

Unless everyone on the site has now turned into a dumbass and instead of half interesting conversations they’d prefer to watch Rsbandb’s version of the jerry springer show I’m really not getting why you still post there. So come on, you’ve got a comment box, do explain why you’re still making threads in there and posting in there over the other forums.

I’m not suggesting everyone automatically stops all together, it’s apart of the community i get it but i don’t see why people put topics in there that are suited to other areas.

I’d love to know. Oh and you act like an ass in your reply don’t expect it to get published, tell me why you post there in a mature, polite manner or not at all. And yes I’m aware i wasn’t very polite at all when writing this. ;D

Update: This blog is crap, if you’ve not figured out how to view the image by now slap yourself then right click it and select view image.

A look into my life

Yes this is a very self centered post, my blog, i can be. This is why it’s best not to be on my MSN (best not to know me irl as well for that matter), poor Shane is away so he gets all this when he comes back. I get bored at times:

Session Start: 04 July 2008

  • (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)”I look forward to your report Mr Broccoli” rotfl (
  • Shane027470 (
(18:31) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: good GOD me and lily make an awesome team
(18:32) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: soi go in the bathroom to graba shower, i notice something..evil..shocking..something so bad, so scary that i almost turned and ran..well i did 3 times
(18:32) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: but the point is
(18:32) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: there was the biggest mther fucking wasp i have seen in my life, it was honest to god, hand on my cute heart the size of two wasps
(18:33) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so i go and get a newspaper to splat it, come back up, slowly open up the door, you know to makes sure it doesn’t fly at me and it was still there..on the window..trying to get i wrapped up the newspaper, i got ready to pounce..IT TURNED AND LOOKED AT ME AND I SLAPPED THAT DOOR SO HARD THE PEOPLE DOWN THE STREET HEARD IT
(18:33) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: then ran as fast as i could down the stairs just incase it got out
(18:34) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: then i remembered something terrible, killing a wasp attracts other wasps - FUCK attracting his bigger brother so i got a cup and some card, i’d trap it!
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: i sneaked open the door again hes still there on the window, mocking me
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: i take a step in
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: ..then run away, i got a horrible thought, you know what if the card slipped
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: it’d be out, and it’d be after my blood
(18:35) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: fuck that, i can’t handle this on my own
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so i go downstairs and i recruit lily
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: “if we can’t stand together, we will fall, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG APART WE ARE WEAK! ARE YOU WITH ME?” was my exact words, yes i do talk to my dog..a lot..shut up
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so it looks at me and you know, i take that as a yes
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: and we march up the stairs, side by side
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: i stand at the door
(18:36) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: preparing for battle
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: lily…takes..a nap..
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I:
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: shut up
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so this time i have a better plan, a tactical plan
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: lily and i are going to opent he window and let it escape
(18:37) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: so i kick lily, she gets ready, iopen the door and stand there waiting for this wasp to crawl off the window so i can open it without it getting to pissed
(18:38) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: it finally crawls off, i creep up, slowly i reach out IT BUZZES, i stumble back, lily darts out to the door
(18:38) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: the wasp watching me, me watching the wasp, lily watching me
(18:39) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: it all goes silent, i try again, i pull the lever, push the window, turn and RUN i can hear the buzzing behind me, i slam the door and hear THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP lily is darting down the stairs and skids at the bottom, i yell coward and charge down after her as fast as i can rotfl i think she suddenly realized what a yellow belly she was cause she turned and darted back up to check on me
(18:40) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: mission accomplished, i can take my shower and lily cna go back to sleeping
(18:40) (W)(B)CreepyNoob(bah)“I: …except now i have no fucking idea if that wasp has left the bathroom or if it’s buzzing around in there, very pissed off at having been disturbed…so uh..i’m typing to you cause i’m to scared to go in there :$:$



I’m boycotting the sandbox

In the hopes that anyone half intelligent does the same. I don’t expect many to realize what it was originally for, what it became and how/why it was ruined but it’s now a ground for retards and morons.

I was thinking about it all as i was browsing the topics in there, 90% of posts being stupid, none of them funny, none of them amusing, none of them remotely interesting.
It was trash, it was the shit you get through the mail, it was that annoying sales rep on the phone.

It’s pointless, it’s not something i enjoy or like, in fact it makes me view a lot of people as, sorry for my choice of words but fucking idiots sums it up rather well. I’m sure it gives off the same image of me as well at times. That’s only further proof that it is just a breeding ground for stupidity.

I’d rather have half intelligent discussions, make topics that have the potential of discussion even if they might get ignored because people are to busy writing bollocks back and forth. I’d like to demand it gets removed but of course, I’d hate to see people go, I mean just look at the last time we tweaked it we lost ult mac dady, what a pity.

So that’s that, I wont post in there again. I will of course browse, i have no choice it’s apart of my job. But beyond that I’d rather not post, i can think of 101 different things to be doing, like watching paint dry. I’d probably get a more interesting discussion out of it as well.

It’s a burden on Rsbandb and not one that i will be adding to anymore. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels it’s a crap hole and I’m sure some people already avoid posting in there, good for you for seeing it for what it is first. Anyone that feels the same, i do encourage you to follow suit.

Ciao sandbox  i shall remember your early days well. :]

p.s I’m aware i just called most people fucking idiots, I only meant posting in there brings across that image so you can sleep easy now, no worries.

For Mike

The blog is alive. I’m alive. Runescape is boring. Ninja gaiden 2 is good. I just brushed my teeth. My shiny teeth and me. I’m going back to bed.

Dear Jagex, I’d like to meet the creators of MEP2

Dear Jagex,

I would like a full list of those that helped create mourners ending part 2. Along with this i would like the home address of one Andrew Gower for creating this game, the brain behind the hidden passage quest, which kicked all of this off and also the person who thought up the Light temple, along with those that designed it.

Why i hear you ask my Little Java loving Gremlins?  Because i wish to hurt them. :) I wish to cause them the same level of pain and frustration I’ve had attempting this light temple. I wish to tie them up by there toes and repeatedly slap them with a very large fish until they break down and cry.

Then I’m going to go to their computer, and set it alight, never to be used for evil again. I’ll leave them with one final word, if they ever EVER create a quest again, I’ll be back. And it wont be their computer being set alight. :)

With that out the way, I would also like words with the following people:

Mr Stormy

by Digipoke and Im (not so) 4eversmart. Thanks to Lord_Scerendo, Piro_Omar, Cheezy Power, Alex201285, Brenden, DRAVAN, UrInDenile, Snake712, iii zero iii, t virus, aloavia, lord_zedex, Killmouski, jtfa0007, Digipoke, Zamorakgiant, SaxRox, Master Gamer, paulus, skatey, Fireball0236, tino pham, Islam2001, Clamball, Seethru, verelstje, Zantetsuken, Double_D_Edd and Alk12.





The media needs to be policed

So i was talking with Mike and Shane last night and they mentioned Prince Harry was out in Afghanistan fighting the war on the front line. I shrugged this off, claimed He’d be sitting in the middle of an English army base perfectly safe with his feet up.

I admit i blabbered a bit with that, I’d not actually heard he was out there myself the last i checked he was being kept here because it was to dangerous. And now i know why.

The secret services went into talks with major news channels, newspapers, everything and made a deal, they didn’t report Harry out in Afghanistan and in exchange when he comes back from doing his time they get photos and things.

All good huh? He stays as safe as he can be and more importantly the people serving with him aren’t at a larger risk being around him.

This would be the case but it appears our “allies”  have no respect for our country, no concern for our troops or a future King of not just our country but several others. Because they happily printed he was out there, happily put our troops at risk and happily put him at risk for wanting to fight for his country. I don’t like him very much but that’s a very admirable thing to do and these money hungry, jackass idiots went ahead and published there story.

They might as well have highered a hit man and ordered his death, if anything had happened then blood would be on their hands. Full stop.

What angers me is did they not learn when Diana died? That reportedly was caused due to Press and here they are making the same stupid fucking mistakes all over again. Admittedly i don’t believe they was in on the agreement that had been set up but that’s not an excuse to print it it’s not hard to realize what would happen if it was printed.

I know people have rights and i know the press has a right to print the truth but in cases where it puts people at risk, where it causes danger they should be held responsible for it, they should face jail for even printing it.  Isn’t acceptable.

My dealings with Microsoft

So as some may or may not know yesterday (22nd) my xbox 360 died on me.

I’ve decided I’m going to write about it in this blog and put microsofts customer service to the test to see just how well they handle things.

So earlier today i phoned up their helpline as instructed on the back of the 360 manual. After going through a robot who demanded i press buttons i then got put on hold, music would cut in and out randomly, an Indian robot (no joke they actually had a robot asking me to press buttons with an Indian accent - what the hell?) I FINALLY get told I’m in a line and waiting for someone to assist me, this is after a good 10 minutes waiting.

Another five or so waiting and suddenly something happens, I HEAR A VOICE! YAY!



“The line has been ended.”

Er what? Phone goes dead and I’m left sitting here wondering just why i wasted my time. Indian robots that are hard to understand, customer service reps that hang up on you and I’ve still got no where.

So i went to, checked out the support and had to laugh when i saw they had a button up to “register your console for repair”. XD That bad is it?

This will be updated as time goes on, we’ll see how long it takes them to get it back to me.

Update: I finally got around to calling for it and guess what? I phone them today they say they’ll be here TOMORROW to pick it up. Woah less than a days notice and there coming to get it. :P So far so good.

Thoughts on summoning

Soo it’s been out..well, a good 10+ hours now and i sorta sit here scratching my head writing this.

To say the least this skill is weird. It’s possibly the strangest way of training a skill in RS.

Let me try to’s a money sink, quiet a bad one. But spending all that money, unlike other skills does not get you a huge exp just doesn’t. You pay out a fortune but it’s STILL as slow as dare i say it, runecrafting.

That’s a bit of an odd ball, jagex has always given people a cheap route and a fast route, usually by spending your money.

And i really can’t decide where they was going with this skill. It seems to be all over the place. Look at the exp from the monsters, one minute you get 100+ exp the next, at a HIGHER level it drops down below 50. o.0 How on earth does that make sense?

Another rather confusing thing is the fact my monsters, some of them can carry items. But the bloody CRAZY thing is..i can’t take the monsters into the bank and in Faladors case, i couldn’t take my monster anywhere near the bank.

Let me try to explain further, i thought i’d be clever and summon up a snail to hold 1 item, so i can create 1 extra pouch. Now i figured it can’t sliver through the hole in the wall so i walked over to the teleport spot and summoned it up, gave it a snail to hold and attempted to go to the bank..oh hold on, it wont let me.

That i found odd but i didn’t give it much thought at the time and turned around to leave..only to find i can’t actually get out of falador until i unsummon the monster. What the hell?  I literally summoned it RIGHT BY THE EXIT but it wont let me leave. WHY NOT?

But anyway, i give it more thought and wonder to myself..if these monsters can carry items..just how the hell am i supposed to get the items from them to the bank? Or from the bank to them even? I can only see myself using these as a way to store extra stuff and then me heading back to the bank to replace it with more so i gain more exp..but i can’t go back to banks.

Who the hell thought this skill up? I am just puzzled by A LOT of it. The affects the summoned monsters give are rather lame to say the least, there’s a few that look interesting but for the most part there crap.  Sorry but there mostly combat based and they are honestly not that big of an impact.

Carrying on with the confusion, these summoned monsters that come up to help fight or whatever, cannot help in a single zone area. I suppose that could be seen as fine by some but i found it strange, i get single zone it was made for the most part to stop people stealing your kills but it’s a summoned monster, it’s got a link to you so why can’t it help?

WEIRDER is the fact you get no exp for it fighting for you, i don’t know if this counts for slayer as well but i presume it does.  So what the hell is the point in it fighting for you? Who kills monsters for fun anyway? We do it for the exp mostly. o.0

I just do not understand this skill, they claim to have been working on it for years but i honestly think they was smoking something because all of it is rather strangely put together, it doesn’t make much sense and well, it serves little purpose from first glance.

Don’t get me wrong, i strangely like it, once you get the hang of it. But i do not for one moment see how it will be of any help to me, i do not for a moment understand just -WHAT- there goal was with this skill or what they was thinking when making it.

I gotta admit I’m slightly pissed though that it is yet anther money sink. Their reasoning for not giving us high level quests or high level armour is because it only appeals to a small amount. And i suppose releasing an ENTIRE BLOODY SKILL that only the richest of the rich could afford to throw money at it without thinking twice is ok though?  I can’t help but get the feeling this skill was dumped in the game purly as a way of draining money out of the game and that, once again is Jagex putting other shit before customer satisfaction.

We’ve got enough money sinks jagex, I’m all for a tough skill but you don’t need to make me pay MINIMUM 200mill to get level 99 in the thing.

p.s fix herblore you stupid retards.

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